Think about all the people you have ever met; whether through school, sports, a job, or your family. There is always that one person that is just fun to be around. They are always happy and everyone wants to be their friend. This person has never met a stranger, the minute you meet them, you're instantly friends. This is how my Mom and Dad describe me.


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I got my picture in the newspaper
with the Texas Longhorns!!


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Be sure to read my August 2006 update!

Hi, my name is Kyle. I don't know if I'm really like that, I just know that I have lots of friends and I like to have fun everyday. I like to play football in our backyard with my Daddy. My Mom has been teaching me to hit a ball. I can hit it hard. My Mom gets real excited when I hit it far. My Dad taught me to play basketball. I can even slam it on my goal. I have a little sister. We like to play hide and seek. She's getting pretty good at finding me.

One day I was having a hard time walking, which is strange, because I walk really well, and can run even better. My Mom noticed, because moms do that. My parents knew something was happening but I didn't. Mom and Dad didn't feel good about the way I was walking and acting so they took me to the hospital and they said I had a seizure. 

The doctors took some pictures of my head and found I had a tumor on my brain. I had to have surgery so that the doctors could take it out. My Mom and Dad were real worried, but they tried to be strong for me. I wasn't scared, well, maybe a little. My family and friends, and people from my church came to the hospital with me.
After my surgery the doctors told us that the tumor was gone and I would get better. I had to go to a place for radiation. The nurses told my parents that most kids cry when they go there, but I didn't. I just went right in and let them help me get better. Sometimes it hurt so bad that I couldn't help it, and I would cry. My parents told me it was OK to cry, that the radiation was going to help me.

Finally the day came when the radiation was done. The doctors took more pictures and found out the tumor had grown back and it was bigger. The doctors said it might be a glioblastoma (GBM) tumor and that made my parents sad. I had another surgery, and the doctors tried to get the entire tumor out, but there is still some there.
Now, I have to do chemotherapy. I'm having problems walking, but it's getting better every day. The doctors tell my Mommy & Daddy the chemotherapy will shrink the tumor and I will get better.

We want to thank everyone for all their help and love and prayers! Be sure to read my journal to see the latest updates on my progress! And don't forget to sign my guestbook so I'll know you visited my website!

Update August 2006

Hi! This is Kyle again! You read in my story above that I had a brain tumor when I was 3 years old and now I am almost 5 years old! I have been through a lot more things than most big people. I have had a lot of changes in my life in the last 2 years. This is where my story left off:

The chemotherapy the doctors gave me didn't work and I had the Gamma Knife procedure (radiation). My mama and daddy decided the best place for treatment was Denver Colorado.
Kyle when we first arrived in Denver

Kyle & Lauren playing at apartment in Denver

Kyle being cool

Kyle holding Lauren when he was sick
We moved there for 5 months and I went through 3 rounds of traditional chemotherapy and 5 rounds of high dose chemo with stem cell rescue. Denver Children's hospital was very nice and I made lots of new friends. My favorite nurse was Mike. We played a lot and I still talk about him often.

Kyle playing dress up cowboy at Buffalo Bill Museum, Lookout Mountain Colorado


Kyle meeting Ricky Carmichael in Colorado (July 2006)

Kyle & Daddy trying out motorcycles
When my chemotherapy was over we went back home to Del City Oklahoma. I was so glad to be home and my family and friends had a welcome home party for me. Not too long after we came home from Denver I started having problems with my muscles and I was falling a lot. I was really scared and so were Mama and Daddy.
Kyle April 2, 2006

Kyle & "Sissy"
Dr. Forman, my neuro-oncologist from Denver, said it was "radiation necrosis". I don't know what those words mean except that my body doesn't work like it used to before the brain tumor. The good news about that is Dr. Foreman says my brain tumor will probably stay away forever because I have radiation necrosis. My tumor has been gone for about 1 1/2 years (in remission). My family and everybody at my church says that I am a "miracle child" from God. Maybe, God healed me so I could stay here on earth and tell everybody my story.

The other good things are that I work hard everyday with my therapist and at home to get stronger. My mama and daddy are the best and I tell them all the time how much I love them and my little sissy (Lauren). My whole family works really hard at making everything as normal as possible for me since I can't walk, sit by myself or even use my hands very good.

Kyle & Lauren (Easter 2006)

Kyle at Nanny & Poppy's house May 2006
I have a lot of stuff that helps me everyday like "my chair", "my walker", "my motorchair", "my potty seat", "my booster seat" and "my swing". The down side of this is that I get really frustrated that my body won't work and I can remember what I used to be able to do. My muscles get really stiff sometimes and it is hard for me to relax. I also have problems sleeping, so I have to take sleeping medicine and it makes me tired during the day. There are good days and bad days. We try to make the best of everyday!
Keep up with my journal for updates and don't forget to sign my guest book. My mama reads the guest book to me and I like to hear what everybody has to say to me. Maybe, some day I will be able to read it by myself. - Kyle's friend Xander Moore

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